Basha Vianne Hicks

1121 Crandon Blvd., Suite E 702
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

305-361-9352 (business) 305-904-9016 (cell)

Biography/Business Profile

Basha Hicks is a Harvard educated attorney who combines experience in real estate and finance with entrepreneurial drive.  She is a Realtor (green designation), certified in transnational referrals and a Member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. Basha also manages real estate investments and consults and supervises development of commercial projects.

Basha’s successes range from work in powerhouse law firms to serving as in-house legal counsel and production-purchasing director at Plants In Design, Inc. (one of the top five US bromeliad nurseries).

Basha’s degrees include a Doctor of Education from the University of Massachusetts, and her first interests focused on ecology, planning and development.  She did field work and management in the Peace Corps (under the Ministry of the Environment, in Caracas, Venezuela) and advanced to Planning Consultant and Ecologist with the engineering firm Technoconsult.

Basha returned to the U.S. and resumed her education, graduating from Harvard Law School where she was a Teaching Assistant for Foreign Investment in Natural Resources.

As a result of her wide ranging experiences, Basha’s unique skills profile includes extensive legal work plus an executive-level track record.  She is proficient in Spanish, conversant in French, and has lived and traveled in Asia, and therefore is extremely comfortable working in any international environment.

Basha has broad interests: Member of the Key Biscayne Zoning Ordinance Review Board, Director of the Peace Research Foundation, past Director of the New Theater (Coral Gables), and past Program Director of the Harvard Club of Miami.  She is the author of an international award-winning children’s ecology book (in Spanish).